Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sweet Name

Mmmm. . . sounds so yummy. I've recently (oh for six months or so) been trying to get my little boys to call me "bella mama." Of course it's hard to get a four year old to call you a pet name that you've chosen yourself. His little brother (18 months) barely says "mama;" he says plenty of other words but my name is reserved for times of emotional distress (i.e. crying). And I also decided that "dada" should be replaced with "papa." If we can't be eccentric and exciting parents, perhaps we can at least sound like we are. 

As the name suggests, this blog is intended to focus on my life as a mom. Two little boys, Caedmon and Ansel, are the sons that my life revolves around. They spend most of their waking hours with me and define who I am in so many ways. I'd like to elevate the mundane by writing about it. You may expect to find everything that relates to me as a mom here. So sweet. Enjoy.