Monday, January 28, 2008

Book Making

It seems that my four year old and I have something in common (actually we have lots of things in common, but this is one of them). We are enjoying the art of book making (not sure if that is the technical term). He has been working all day on books. It began when I helped him make a book about whales, because that is what we were reading about this morning. He has since taken off with the idea and has created a book of Bible stories, which he gave to my dad when he stopped by. I suggested that he could make one for us to look at at night and he got right to it. Series of pictures, very elaborate in detail. I have to mention that he is obsessed with Bible stories. We read the Bible every night and he also listens to stories on CD's and he loves them. At the moment, he is at the table, making a book about African animals. I can see that it will be difficult to drag him off to bed. And I hate to make him stop, because I know that feeling, when you are so caught up in your work, that you just cannot imagine putting it down. 

Well, I mentioned that we have this book making thing in common. Actually, it is a newfound pleasure of mine as well. I have discovered and all the possibilities it offers. I created an ABC book and a book about my boys and right now I am working on a recipe book at Shutterfly, because they gave me a free book credit with my order. Of course our mediums are very different. But the feeling of creating something is so much the same. To be shared with others. To be looked at over and over again. And it helps that we both love books. 

Someday (soon, I hope) I will began adding pictures to my humble little blog here. But first I have to finish that recipe book. . .