Friday, February 29, 2008

Sweet Pictures

Here are some of the new additions to our walls: 

A branch found in the woods and screwed to the wall: I attached ribbon to pictures with double sided tape and hung for display (there is also a sweet little bird if you can see it). 

Silhouettes I created after covering a canvas with fabric and tracing a photo of the boys, then filling in with paint. (I fell in love with the Japanese fabric: it's from repodepot). 

Saturday, February 23, 2008

So Seussical

This morning the boys and I took a bunch of toilet paper and paper towel tubes my mom saved up for them and decided to make something of them. After they each made a pair of binoculars (Of course Ansel had to have a pair after his big brother made some), we started working on a "house." Instead of a plain ol' house, we got crazy with the colored tape and created a seussical house. We saw my niece in the musical production at her school and my boys LOVED it! It was fun to get them working together with me, and Caedmon wanted to make a sign that said "Seussical." He's going crazy with his writing, now that he's figured out that he can write any word he chooses using his hard earned letter writing skills. 

Wow, I have a lot of things that I want to add to this blog. I have just uploaded a week's worth of photos. Here are the highlights:

The first photo is of the boys watching the large tractor snow blower going by our house. They run to the window to catch a glimpse before it's too late!

We had a little tea party yesterday with the boys and one of their friends, as well as some stuffed friends. We made an Indian bread from a mix, and had Pocky sticks from Japan, as well as Anna's Swedish cookies. Our tea was PandaBerry from the Republic of Tea. It was a fun taste of food from around the world, which is the theme we are studying right now. 

We made some treats for our dog, Olaf. The boys had great fun mixing it up and cutting out the bones. It was also a way to use up some whole wheat flour that has been sitting on our shelf way too long. I also added some flax seed to make them extra healthy. The really fun part about this project for me? I don't have to be as vigilant about clean hands and work surface because the food ends up in the dog's tummy - after all, he does eat off the floor. Also, the treats are for Olaf, not the boys, which means no begging for more cookies! And they love doing something special for Olaf, a sometimes neglected member of the family. Here's our simple recipe: 

2 cups whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 cup milk
1 cup peanut butter

Mix it up, cut it out, and bake it on a cookie sheet at 375 F for 20 minutes.

We made a volcano after talking about Japan and how the islands were formed from volcanic erruptions. The ol' baking soda and vinegar trick really makes the boys laugh! I thought the red food coloring and play dough made it extra fun. 

All these little things we do together make our days special and when I feel like I'm not being "productive" enough, I look back on the time we spent together and know that it's all worthwhile. 

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snowy Walk

Yesterday we took the boys for a walk down some local trails. I strapped on snowshoes and Joel pulled them on a sled (what a dear!). It was refreshing after being inside most of the day. Good thing we went yesterday - we have had freezing rain all day today! 

For some silly reason I am having a problem keeping my photos rotated. So you'll have to look sideways, but you get the idea:-)

Blowing Bubbles

I'd forgotten how much fun bubbles can be. The other morning I decided to blow some in the basement for the boys to chase after. They had such a great time that I blew until I was getting lightheaded and the floor was covered with round soap spots! A way to get them moving on the days when we don't get much outdoor time. 

(On a completely random note: I went grocery shopping and discovered that YoBaby Yogurt is now available plain. I always wished for that when my boys were babies - We love the flavored kinds but so much sugar!)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

PB&J Valentine

It's fun to do little things that have to do with holidays - this week Valentine's Day. So, I made these little sandwiches for lunch with a heart cut out on the top (I used a cookie cutter). It's a simple way to show my little ones that even a sandwich can be special. 

Monday, February 4, 2008

funky butt

Today I finally finished a little project called "the funky butt hut" - a scrapbook of sorts. I'm a lousy scrapbooker, so I embraced my lack of skills and just let it be what it was - fun pictures with some paint, stickers, & rambling notes mixed in. I'm so pleased to see each page filled. here is one of my favorites. . . sorry it's sideways!