Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Book Review

Everywhere I turn, there is mention of Amanda Blake Soule's new book The Creative Family. I was excited to pre-order a copy from Amazon and even more excited when it arrived. I always love to find new ideas to get the creative juices flowing in our family. 

And now that I've read through my copy? Well, my initial reaction, quite honestly, was disappointment. I sat there thinking, "This is basic stuff. Stuff I could have written a book about." But once I got over myself, realizing that indeed this lady is more "creative" than myself (she has  3 year olds doing embroidery for goodness sake), I came to appreciate most of what was in there. So, all in all, it's pretty good stuff. And I might even put some of her ideas to good use (my favorite is the banging wall for outside - recycled items hung on a "wall" that children and adults can, yes, bang on. Otherwise known as making music). I also like the birthday crowns. And the instructions for making knitting needles (which will come in handy if I ever actually finish the piece of knitting I started LAST YEAR - sorry, Hannah). So, yes, it's a good book. Worth the $10.50 I paid for it. Maybe it will even make us a more creative family. Of course, we won't be mixing up henna for body painting anytime soon. But that's a whole other discussion. 


Hannah Marie said...

I am beyond positive it will be worth it!