Monday, April 28, 2008

Doll House

This is a dollhouse that I purchased when a local shop was going out of business. It had been a display that children could play with so it was inexpensive. This was a couple of years ago when Caedmon was barely a toddler and I still had delusions that he might enjoy  a dollhouse (what I should have admitted, is that I wanted one). Now I have conceded that my boys are thoroughly masculine and will obsess over tractors (John Deere), dogs (ours), and hunting (yikes!). Although they both like shoes (one point for me). 

Anyway, for my own added pleasure, I "remodeled" and decorated this little house late last summer with some wallpaper and paint and ribbon and lace. . . and now it sits, waiting for me to sell it on ebay. The sad part is that it was so much fun, that I bought a couple others (very inexpensively - my very good excuse) so that I could give them makeovers and sell on ebay. Now all three sit in the basement, waiting. Perhaps I would do better to learn a truly useful skill - like how to paint tractors. I do like green and yellow (for those of you who don't have tractor obsessed children, those would be John Deere colors).