Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day

Happy Day After Earth Day! No, we didn't plant anything yesterday, but we did hang out at the ranch, where the boys found some more antlers. Check out the wheelbarrow filled with this spring's finds! We also found some treasures in the woods to make sculpy prints with  and I finally know what popple seeds look like, after I mistakenly referred to them as caterpillars (Joel set me straight). When my dad called to see what we had done for Earth Day, I felt a little bad that I hadn't planned an activity, but it's all about exposing the boys to God's creation and teaching them to admire and respect it. And that we're always learning (that a popple seed is NOT a caterpillar). . . 

On Saturday, we joined up with the Rangers from church and cleaned along the side of the road. I'm pretty sure Caedmon thinks that you will go to jail forever if you are caught littering! 

1.  book: Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv 
2. dvd's: Planet Earth series
3. toys: Schleich animals 
4. art: nature journals
5. things we'll do this summer: hatch butterflies, plant a sunflower house, and I'd love to build a     worm house for composting, but we'll see!