Friday, April 11, 2008

Melting Colors

One more post this morning and I promise I am done. Sometimes Joel hides my computer mouse in the morning, because that is when I spend the most time trying to catch up on things on the computer (not necessarily "important" things, which makes me start running behind on my day, hence the mouse hiding). Anyway, after we cleaned the seed mess up, I discovered some little ice cubes that I had frozen a couple of weeks ago, while we were color mixing, and forgotten in the freezer. 

Basically, we made concentrated colored ice cubes with food coloring and water. I used  a cute little star shaped ice cube tray for fun: :) After removing them from the freezer, we placed two into warm bowl of water and watched the colors melt together. I let Caedmon make some color choices and guess what color they would make when mixed. After each set of cubes, we emptied the bowl and filled with fresh water for the next set. The boys especially enjoyed it when I got out spoons and let them STIR! We tried to keep the splashing to a minimum :)