Thursday, April 24, 2008

Play Silks

This afternoon, Hannah and I dyed these glorious play silks. Hundreds (O.K. maybe 25) packets of Kool-Aid later we have these sweet treats - good for more than sugar highs. So, here's the process:

 1.soak silks in water with a dash of vinegar about 1/2 hour
2. in a glass bowl mix: 
2 cups of water
1/2 cup of vinegar
3 packets of Kool-Aid
stir before adding a silk, then cover with plastic wrap and microwave on high for 3 minutes
3.remove wrap and stir (watch for escaping steam = burned fingers), and then repeat microwave process 2x
4.hang to dry
5. rinse in cold water and dry in dryer on low
6. iron 

The silks were purchased from Dharma Trading Co. and are 30" square habotai silks. 

We were already running around the driveway with these (to aid initial drying process) and I can imagine they'll be put to good use, as the boys will certainly dream up all sorts of ways to play with them. (And Hannah is giving some to her little friend Hannah, who will undoubtedly adore them!) 


mom/caryn said...

You asked for comments fromstrangers, so here's hoping your site accepts them.

I stumbled onyour blog (very boring day at the office) and read through it in entireity. I found it absolutely delightful!

You're a very creative, and deeply committed, mom who seems to have all of her priorities in order. I'm going to try and e-mail it to my daughter is the very creative mom, deeply committed mom of three
boys. I think she'll enjoy many of your activities!!

Kate said...

Thank you for your comments! They were very kind. I hope your daughter enjoys our family's activities as well!