Friday, May 16, 2008

Animal Shapes

Here is a recent morning project: We checked Oodles of Animals by Lois Ehlert out from the library several weeks ago. The animals are all created from various cut paper shapes. We thought that we would make our own version. (Caution: Mama Bragging Ahead.) 

Here is Caedmon's deer + tree + man, which I think is stunning. He actually put this together by himself! And we had returned the book more than a week ago, so it is not as if he were copying.  Ansel, on hearing his big brother's proclamation that he would make a "deer" took no time declaring that he would make an "elk"! He layered many glue and shapes, until finally he just took the entire leftover pile of paper and piled it on his creation. This simple project could be done in my ways, for many age groups. For Ansel it turned into an opportunity to identify the colors he was using and of course just the process of squeezing glue and placing paper. Caedmon used multiple steps to get from idea to product. An extension, in keeping with the book, would be to write poems to go with the art. I think that would make my mama heart simply flutter with ecstasy. (You may think that is a bit dramatic, but believe me, it would flutter.)


Hannah Marie said...

Where is Ansels Art???