Friday, May 30, 2008

Candy Land

Well, here I am trying to catch up again. I have tried to institute Friday night as "family night" at our house: a night that we spend doing something fun together, rather than just working on all the things that need to be done. . . this is what we did last Friday. Gave the boys a bath, put them in their p.j.'s and headed out to Starbucks with Candy Land tucked under our arm. We ordered coffee for Joel and I, kids' steamers for Caedmon and Ansel and set up our game. It was a fun and out of the ordinary thing for us to do. I think the other customers got a kick out of our kids too. . . well, at least I hope so. We did get a bit noisy in our quest for the gingerbread house. Sorry if you were actually working on that laptop and not just surfing. . . 

And our plans for this evening (it's already Friday!)? Working in the garden together. We still haven't actually planted anything! Maybe you think that sounds like work, but my boys don't enjoy anything quite as much as playing in the dirt!


The Princess!!! said...

You're a cool Mom Kate!