Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pom Poms

A recent trip to the dollar store yielded these pom poms, something I have never purchased for my kids before (what kind of mother am I?). So, this morning, I had the boys sort by color into bags that I had labeled. Then, I let them at it with paper, markers, glue, etc. Ansel is enjoying himself in this photo, his pom pom picture abandoned after discovering the stickers I was using to seal envelopes with nearby. I thought I would include his work here, as his last project was neglected in the animal shapes post (thank you for pointing that out, Hannah). Of course, I now realize that I am neglecting posting Caedmon's work from today, which involved deer and trees, by the way. A popular theme in our lives. 

* On that note, another of the dollar store finds was a little bird to add to the deer skull in our hallway. I will have to photograph and share. That poor deer had no idea that a crazy girl would end up hanging beads and such from his big, manly antlers. 


Hannah Marie said...

Beautiful Artwork Ansel
(please pass on the compliment)