Sunday, June 8, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Our sweet Ansel was two on Friday! Two! If you ask him how old he is, he will tell you that he is "three" or maybe even "four." When I think about how much joy he has packed into the last two years of our family, it seriously makes me tear up. I know, I'm a sappy sort of girl. I just cannot imagine life without my boys. 

Thursday: On Thursday night I made him a birthday crown. The idea was taken from The Creative Family by Amanda Soule. I am so glad that he loved it!!! I love making things for my kids. 

Friday: On his birthday,  he had a birthday shout out on ohdeedoh. My dear friend Melissa called me to say she saw it!  We had friends over for a little party Friday morning. I forgot to ask their mom (Hi Polly) if I could post pictures of them, but we had fun with a couple of games (pin the banana on the monkey and monkey see, monkey do) and banana muffins topped with yellow cream cheese (disguised as "cupcakes").  Friday evening we ordered pizza and then went to see The Young Americans, a very talented entourage, in concert (my sisters got free tickets from work!!!). 

Saturday: Saturday morning we had LOTS of family and our neighbors over for another party! I have included photos of the monkey cake (an idea I copied from an old issue of Martha Stewart Kids - I saved all of those magazines!). Ansel LOVED that cake! The party was in the morning, so I made a light brunch of strata and salad and bananas (monkey/yellow theme). I didn't really plan games, but I made a little word scramble all about Ansel, and let everyone work on it at their leisure. Ansel enjoyed his presents, but I had to open most of them, which is typical of both of my boys. They've never gotten into that part. But they certainly LOVE to play with the presents. Everyone was so generous, and we have lots of fun outdoor toys, as well as a new John Deere collection for Ansel. Thanks all. 

Whew! I know that was a whole lot to read, but it was such a great weekend. Bittersweet though. Those two years flew by. 

One more thing: Because I have made such a lengthy post, I have officially run out of time, because we are leaving for my nephew's open house (I do not even want to think about open houses for my boys). So, I will post all of the photos tonight after church. I promise (as long as I don't forget).