Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Carrot Seed

Here's a fun activity to do with the book The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss. I found it in Games with Books by Peggy Kaye (which I picked up a while back for about $3.00 and am just now using - silly me). After reading the book (which is perfect for Ansel - he has it memorized), each of us laid on the ground (we took turns) and the others drew a line next to our body with chalk. Then we guessed how many carrots would fit on the line. We then "measured" how many carrots tall we were. By the way, we got to count by twos: Ansel was 4 carrots, Caedmon was 6 carrots and I was 8 carrots. And as you can see, Ansel decided to take a break and have a snack (the particular carrot he is enjoying is out of the bag, but he did try to eat them off of the driveway too. Ugghhh!).


Hannah Marie said...

That's not what I heard:-)

I heard Ansel did eat off the driveway!

By the way, you're kinda short. Of course we're the same hieght so I guess I am too. Oh Well!

Kate said...

Oh, yes. He ate off the driveway during lunch. That was actually a piece of watermelon he picked up and ate - probably worse than a carrot, because I'm sure it absorbed all the ick much more quickly. But the carrot, no, the carrot from the driveway I took away and replaced with the "clean" one. Thanks for clearing this up :-)

Kate said...

Oh, yeah, and he started eating the watermelon rind out of the compost bucket. Double ick.