Thursday, June 12, 2008

Painting Tortillas

I'm catching up on some of the photos sitting around here, waiting to be blogged. One morning I asked the boys if they would like to paint a snack. Of course Ansel is just like, "yeah!" Paint and snack are two of his favorite things. Caedmon was a bit more hesitant. 

Like, "you're going to let us eat the paint?" 
"Sure, why not?"
"We can't eat paint." 
It was fun to play with him a little, but I showed him how we could mix milk and food coloring to be our "paint." Good thing he hasn't heard me ramble about dye or he'd probably still think I was poisoning him :) 
They used basting brushes and smeared their "paint" around for awhile until the tortillas were soggy and basically disgusting looking. Then I popped them in the oven to dry them out and crisp them up (after a sprinkle of cinnamon & sugar - if we're eating paint we might as well go crazy and have sugar too). And snack time! So, I can't say it was exactly gourmet, but it was fun. 

And by the way, I think I got this idea from pepperpaints some time ago (it's been in my brain archive). Thanks!


Hannah Marie said...

I love how Caedmon is so worried, he's such a smartie!

Why don't you ever let me paint my own snack when I come over?

Hannah Marie said...

Oh and I love your pic.