Saturday, June 14, 2008

Papa Joel

In addition to scheming to have my boys call me "Bella Mama", I have tried to get them to call their daddy "Papa Joel." Sounds so much more lovely and eccentric than the usual dada and mama - I'm strange, I know. But this is not about me. It's about the man I love. The father of my children. The guy sitting in my dining room right now, whacking himself in the head over and over and over, at the sheer delight of the boys. He's not featured on this blog very often, because this is mostly about what I do with the boys all day. While Papa's bringing home the bacon so to speak. He allows me to be home with the boys; he's the reason we can be together, doing the fun stuff. And for that, I am truly grateful. A few more things I love about Joel: 

1. He's not afraid of a dirty diaper. 
2. He doesn't bat an eyelash when he comes home and I have painted the porch steps like a rainbow (that was yesterday) or any of the other crazy things I do. 
3. He loves me/us unconditionally (let's just say he's seen me in some not so flattering moments).
4. He reads every single night to the boys.
5. He looks good in overalls.
6. And argyle. (not together, although that would be an interesting combination).
7. He's crazy sweet!!!! 
8. And quiet. Which is also sweet.  He's a lover, not a fighter. 
9. Gosh, does he love our boys. And he does stuff with them. And they love him. And sometimes I'm kinda' jealous because it seems like I'm not in the boy circle, but really I am happy, because they are so good for each other. 
10. And the best part: he loves God more than he loves us. Joel is a man after God's heart. Which makes for the best husband/daddy/papa we could ask for. 

Happy Father's Day Sweetheart. We love you. Adore you. Forever. XOXO. 

P.S. His present? Foremost, the sweetest cards from the boys. And also, a book. Because I think books are the best presents. And it's better to give than receive, so I give them. Joel received a copy of the Dangerous Book For Boys, which has all kinds of crazy stuff for he and the boys to do together. I highly recommend it. (I told him that if they do anything too dangerous, they better not tell me about it!) 


Hannah Marie said...

Joel is truly "a man after God's own heart". Which happens to make a great brother-in-law too!

Hannah Marie said...

Oh, one more thing...

Cute Picture!!!