Thursday, July 31, 2008

BooBoo Basket

I know, I know. . . I never post anymore. Well, it's summer and  busy times. Here is something we have been using this summer - an idea I got from Mitten Strings for God. This is our booboo basket, where I store all of the little things we need to make daily booboos better. Curious George BandAids and bug bite balm and nasal spray and such. It's a really sweet little thing that the boys are now accustomed to requesting. "MaMa, get the booboo basket." You gotta love tending to their little aches and pains. I think it's good for their hearts too. 

Here's Ansel with the Burt's Bees bug bite stick - applying liberally to one of many skeeter bites. It really works!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

fun challenge

Here is a challenge that Meg, a Montessori teacher who lives in Mexico, has issued on her blog: She has asked parents to share the ways that their children have fun for nothin'. In this crazy consumer culture, kids often have the most fun with things that are free. I know my boys love sticks and pine cones and dirt and  feathers :) There are very few toys that they could not do without. So, I think this is a great thing to share. Meg has created a Flickr group where parents can share photos of their kids having fun for nothin'. 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Modern Handprints

Here's a little something we did a couple weeks ago. I got the idea from Cookie. Here's the step by step:

1. I bought canvases. 
2. The boys chose colors (they picked their favorites - Caedmon has always loved green and Ansel now loves orange).  
3. We took off most of their clothing.
4. I squirted paint on plates.
5. They smeared paint all over the canvas with their hands. 
6. They smeared paint on their bodies and any clothing that was not removed, as well as on the driveway, where we were painting. 
7. I wiped their hands and placed them firmly in the paint on the canvas. 
8. Repeated steps 1-6 and then placed feet on the canvas. 
9. Put the paintings inside so that they could dry in peace. 
10. Now I need to hang them up. Which is the hard part, because I'm not so good at committing to holes in the wall. It has to be the PERFECT place :) 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Feather Finds

Here is a little post about one of Caedmon's current past times: collecting feathers. He's always noticing them on the ground and bringing them to me (I then put them in the freezer, which makes me believe that the germs have been thoroughly annihilated - even if they haven't, it makes me feel better). I really didn't know how to display them, but recalled seeing a magazine photo one time, where they were displayed in a wicker ball. Having had a previous life as a Pier 1 employee, I knew where to find such a ball. For $1.50 I had a great way to display his treasures. Now he likes to take them all out and sort them by type and height, and then rearrange them in the ball. I like that it looks fabulous in our living room, and is something that he enjoys and is proud of. Now if I could just figure out all those bird calls. It seems I never know who is serenading us as we walk through the woods (or perhaps more precisely, hollering at us for disturbing their peace). 

Weekend Photos

Well, yes, it has been a ridiculously long time since an update. But we've been busy livin' baby, not writing about it :) Seriously, I have a hard time sitting at a computer when it is nice outside. But, here are a couple photos of what we've been up to:

1. Strawberry Picking. And eating. (I froze berries for fall/winter smoothies.)

2. Fireworks. Where both boys fell asleep. The fireworks were so loud you couldn't hear yourself talk. But they fell asleep. Cracked us up.

3. Playing Kickball after Church.  Caedmon's first time and it was very cute. Here he is at a base (I'm not sure which one because he switched frequently). Ansel and I also got in on the action (for about 5 minutes). 

These are the simple summer memories that I hope my kids always enjoy. We're not theme park, flashy, sorts of people and I hope that helps them enjoy the simple things. I'm cherishing this time when they're still sort of sheltered from the outside world. It makes it a whole lot easier not to give in to the mainstream. We've declared July to be a no movie month. We already don't have TV, which works really well for us. We do enjoy a good movie; I have this dream of having a projector and a  white sheet and inviting all the neighborhood kids over for a flick in the backyard. But then I realized that the projector is $700. So, it remains a dream :)