Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weekend Photos

Well, yes, it has been a ridiculously long time since an update. But we've been busy livin' baby, not writing about it :) Seriously, I have a hard time sitting at a computer when it is nice outside. But, here are a couple photos of what we've been up to:

1. Strawberry Picking. And eating. (I froze berries for fall/winter smoothies.)

2. Fireworks. Where both boys fell asleep. The fireworks were so loud you couldn't hear yourself talk. But they fell asleep. Cracked us up.

3. Playing Kickball after Church.  Caedmon's first time and it was very cute. Here he is at a base (I'm not sure which one because he switched frequently). Ansel and I also got in on the action (for about 5 minutes). 

These are the simple summer memories that I hope my kids always enjoy. We're not theme park, flashy, sorts of people and I hope that helps them enjoy the simple things. I'm cherishing this time when they're still sort of sheltered from the outside world. It makes it a whole lot easier not to give in to the mainstream. We've declared July to be a no movie month. We already don't have TV, which works really well for us. We do enjoy a good movie; I have this dream of having a projector and a  white sheet and inviting all the neighborhood kids over for a flick in the backyard. But then I realized that the projector is $700. So, it remains a dream :)