Saturday, August 2, 2008

2nd Rant

O.K. One more thing. Some people laugh at me, but I have real concerns about this school thing. The exposure to things I don't agree with - I mean, five year olds are impressionable and I want to be the one making the impressions. I am not a control freak, although I do write in capital letters, which my husband once heard was the sign of a control freak. But I have standards and it's really hard for me to send my kid off to someone who maybe doesn't share those standards. 

Then there is the food - I'll pack his lunch, but there are snacks and treats. And we all know how I feel about that stuff. And the germs. I've been in classrooms. I should say GERMS. And the coloring in the lines,  as I like to call it. The lack of creativity. And the reward systems. And the competition. This is my glass half empty scenario. So to balance that. . .

The friendship. The independence. The community. The exposure to things that are worthwhile, that I never think about. The benchmark standards (I'm only kidding; for Caedmon, this year, I don't give a hoot). The books and games and fun. Circle time. This is the glass half full. 

So, I'll send him off with a kiss and a prayer (and lots more prayers during the day). And a healthy lunch, and a bottle of alcohol free hand sanitizer and really cute shoes (they're important too!). . . and to this rant, I say: THE END.