Saturday, August 2, 2008

Painting Rocks

Painting rocks. An old time tradition. Somehow always a hit. Somewhere, in the recesses of a box, there lies a rock that I painted in fourth grade, dubbed my "brain" and sat on the corner of my desk, for quite a while. Perhaps the whole year, I really can't remember. 

The boys and I are preparing some simple arts and crafts for a camp we'll be helping out at soon, for people with disabilities. I'm so glad that they have this opportunity to feel involved and to contribute. We've gathered supplies from our house and they have made examples to share of several of the projects. Here, we painted the rocks with q-tips. It originally was supposed to look like aboriginal art, made with dots of paint. Caedmon painted a very small deer and a pond. Ansel dipped the q-tips in the wrong colors, mixing them, which I think became a game. Really good fun. 

Notes: The rocks are red because we painted them with the intention of creating ladybugs. . . we put them up to let the red dry and forgot all about them, so they never got their wings, so to speak (or spots). So we used those. Also, I took the caps off the paint and put a q-tip in each. It was a perfect amount, so the boys couldn't dunk them in a big tub of paint and make a mess (I know, art is messy, but it doesn't have to always be :-) The first rock is Caedmon's, drying on an open catalog from the recycling bin (that's where I always grab stuff to paint on) and the second is Ansel's, which he is proudly showing me. I think it looks like a fantastic fireworks display!