Monday, October 13, 2008

10 Things

OK, so I'm not keeping up with the list making. At this rate, I'm actually flunking. But with my foggish brain up and running on about three swallows of coffee, I think I'll give it a whirl before I start the rest of my day. P.S. the photo is another rip off, I think from an etsy seller, that I thought I could copy someday. I really should keep track of where these pictures come from so I can at least give the poor girl some credit. Sorry about that. 

1. I'm not really a social person. I have to make myself talk to people in big groups, etc. This surprises some people.
2. I love our dog Olaf, and I feel bad that he doesn't get to go swimming more often. 
3. I HATE paperwork, but who doesn't? 
4. Sometimes I forget to wear deodorant, but luckily I don't have smelly issues, so I can get away with it. I also don't shower daily. I used to but I think it dries me out too much. 
5. I used to work out, but now I don't. Long walks with the kids is about it. I have no marathon aspirations. And I don't watch sports. I have never been to a football game.
6. My coffee mug says "happy" and then has a picture of a camper. It belongs to Joel. 
7. I have developed a lot of allergies. Animals, dust, pollen. A few years ago my eyes swelled nearly shut after I held a fawn. I hate medication, so I take nothing for my allergies. 
8. I find that it is hard to live simply in our society, which bums me out. 
9. Related to number 8, I am considering buying a portable dvd player for our long car rides. Which makes me feel like a hypocrite. It's laughable, I know, because most families bought those 5 years ago. We're not into spending on electronic stuff - but two other items on my wish list would be an ipod and a wii. We played one for the first time a couple weeks ago, and even though I'm kind of anti-video game stuff, I have to admit that it was fantastic! 
10. I would love to make  a crazy quilt. And if you're smiling to yourself, thinking, "that's because she's crazy," let me tell you, I was thinking the same thing, except in first person, not third, because that really would be crazy. 

Monday, October 6, 2008

10 Things

I skipped Sunday, because I was gone all day, but I'm back in the game. 

1. boots - the boy (Ansel) and to wear. Preferably with tights. 
2. muffins - cranberry orange is my favorite.
3. being organized. I used to think I liked label makers but I don't. 
4. eating at home - I'm not a restaurant person. I don't like people I don't know preparing my food in a room that I can't see. Plus, they cost too much. 
5. tea. warm and not too strong. herbal; unsweetened. 
6. Caedmon's obsessions. Too cute for words. And gosh, is his brain amazing.
7. I like grammar, but I also like messing with it. I admire e.e. cummings. I do hate it when a whopping grammar mistake pops out of my mouth. mortification.  
8. involving my kids in helping others. I was just thinking about getting our shoe boxes ready for Operation Christmas Child. 
9. Jennifer Knapp's voice. 
10. My guitar, which I will someday learn to play. Yes, I'm a Jennifer Knapp wannabe. 

Saturday, October 4, 2008

10 Things

Today's 10 things:

1. The Red Balloon. A really lovely film. 

2. Flour Sack towels in the kitchen.

3. Rain. Preferably the kind I can dance in.

4. Warm socks.

5. Magazines, lip balm and water bottles. 

6. Shintzi Katoh.

7. My dream perfume would have patchouli, amber, black pepper, tobacco, geranium, vanilla and honey. I think. It sounds good in writing. Now if I could just concoct and smell. . . 

8. Talking to God throughout the day. 

9. Packing Caedmon's lunches. 

10. Cacti & Succulents. The only house plants that thrive under my (lack of) care. Plus I like the way they look. 

Friday, October 3, 2008

This Day

Back to blogging again. Typing as quickly as I can without a left middle finger, because I seriously sliced it open with a bread knife today.  Which leaves Joel in the kitchen doing dishes by himself while I type. 

Tonight we're engaging in a little movie time. I promised Caedmon a viewing of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, because we have been listening to an audio recording, and reading a chapter every night. I thought it might be too intense, but he enjoyed it. I recently read a recipe for Turkish Delight, which I wanted to make tonight, but we're still working on my gigantic chocolate birthday cake, and since sugar coma and cavities aren't on our wish list, I'll put the TD off for a bit. 

We also might watch a second movie tonight - Ansel & I checked out a few from the library today - since my recently appendix free sister Bekah, is staying on our couch recovering. So, we might as well make the best of it and totally bomb our brains with screen time. 

Perhaps soon I'll be back to the fun activity type postings - an art playgroup for Ansel and friends is in the works, which will give me some material. Also, my camera is down. Bekah is being kind and letting me borrow hers, but I can't believe how annoying it is to be sans camera. Crippling actually (ok that might be exaggeratory, but ya know. . .) Hence the dvd pic via Amazon. Lousy, I know. 

Also, Ansel and I went to a book sale today and scored some books at 25 cents a piece. I can't resist books at that price. We also went to Ansel's first swim lesson for the season. And he loved it! I have to say that spending alone time with him has been a blessing. But I still am not thrilled with Caedmon being at school so much. But before I go into a ten page rant about that I will quit. Officially. Right now. Good bye. 

10 Things

Enjoyed my list making so much that I think I'll do 10 things for ten days and that'll make 100 (yes, my math skills are stunning, I know). 

1. Love this bike thingy for the tots. So cozy and wonderful. I can't remember where I swiped this photo from, but it's a pic from Copenhagen, where they have very cool bike stuff. I love bikes - someday I hope to have a really swell one, maybe Dutch. 

2. When my kids spontaneously embrace each other. I'm always reminding them that they are best friends forever. Perhaps they should get the necklaces with the bff broken hearts, the eighties is back, or is that WAY too girly? Yes. 

3. Scarves. 

4. Walks or rides, in the woods. I call it green therapy.

5. Reading my Bible before the boys wake up. Confession: it doesn't always happen. 

6. Daydreaming. 

7. Singing. Sometimes I walk around the house singing instead of talking, like I'm on Broadway or something. I used to do it when I was a kid too. I think it's fun, but I'm not sure my family enjoys it as much as I do. I'm comfortable singing in front of people, but uncomfortable with compliments. Someday I want to walk down the street singing at the top of my lungs. I often sing quietly in stores and notice people looking at me. I wish I could naturally harmonize. 

8. My husband: he's a doll and he puts up with a lot.

9. A clean house. If my house is a mess it is very hard for me to be happy. But even if I could afford it, I would never hire anyone to clean my house. I'd much rather do it myself. 

10. Goat's Milk: had it for the first time last week and I told Joel that I would like a goat for Christmas. I am smitten with the milk and I've always wanted to have a few  chickens and a goat. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A List

I'm a list person. I have way too many and can never seem to finish any of the ones with "to do" written across the top, but I love making them and changing them and working on them. . . it drives Joel, a very non list person, a little batty. 

I love:

Autumn. The leaves crunching as I push the stroller down the sidewalk. Stopping to pick up the most beautiful leaves. Brewing tea to warm up a bit. Raking. Piling. Jumping. Raking.

Strong Coffee. Black. 

Dark chocolate, but I have to be in the mood. And I only like a little at a time.

Homemade/handmade things. Food. Clothing. Toys. Etsy.

Making things for my family. This year I want to make presents for everyone. And I've been baking all of our bread. And making yogurt. It's very satisfying to me. I'd like to do more.

Books. Bookstores. Libraries. I never have time, it seems, to read much alone anymore. But thankfully I LOVE children's books, so I can read with my kids.

Snuggling in bed. I like sleeping with my kids. In fact, I can't imagine putting them in their own bedrooms. 

Simple things. Little things can make me very happy. A barrette, a pretty piece of paper, a picture, things like that. 

Feeling like I made someone's day better. 

Kissing baby hair.