Friday, October 3, 2008

10 Things

Enjoyed my list making so much that I think I'll do 10 things for ten days and that'll make 100 (yes, my math skills are stunning, I know). 

1. Love this bike thingy for the tots. So cozy and wonderful. I can't remember where I swiped this photo from, but it's a pic from Copenhagen, where they have very cool bike stuff. I love bikes - someday I hope to have a really swell one, maybe Dutch. 

2. When my kids spontaneously embrace each other. I'm always reminding them that they are best friends forever. Perhaps they should get the necklaces with the bff broken hearts, the eighties is back, or is that WAY too girly? Yes. 

3. Scarves. 

4. Walks or rides, in the woods. I call it green therapy.

5. Reading my Bible before the boys wake up. Confession: it doesn't always happen. 

6. Daydreaming. 

7. Singing. Sometimes I walk around the house singing instead of talking, like I'm on Broadway or something. I used to do it when I was a kid too. I think it's fun, but I'm not sure my family enjoys it as much as I do. I'm comfortable singing in front of people, but uncomfortable with compliments. Someday I want to walk down the street singing at the top of my lungs. I often sing quietly in stores and notice people looking at me. I wish I could naturally harmonize. 

8. My husband: he's a doll and he puts up with a lot.

9. A clean house. If my house is a mess it is very hard for me to be happy. But even if I could afford it, I would never hire anyone to clean my house. I'd much rather do it myself. 

10. Goat's Milk: had it for the first time last week and I told Joel that I would like a goat for Christmas. I am smitten with the milk and I've always wanted to have a few  chickens and a goat.