Monday, October 13, 2008

10 Things

OK, so I'm not keeping up with the list making. At this rate, I'm actually flunking. But with my foggish brain up and running on about three swallows of coffee, I think I'll give it a whirl before I start the rest of my day. P.S. the photo is another rip off, I think from an etsy seller, that I thought I could copy someday. I really should keep track of where these pictures come from so I can at least give the poor girl some credit. Sorry about that. 

1. I'm not really a social person. I have to make myself talk to people in big groups, etc. This surprises some people.
2. I love our dog Olaf, and I feel bad that he doesn't get to go swimming more often. 
3. I HATE paperwork, but who doesn't? 
4. Sometimes I forget to wear deodorant, but luckily I don't have smelly issues, so I can get away with it. I also don't shower daily. I used to but I think it dries me out too much. 
5. I used to work out, but now I don't. Long walks with the kids is about it. I have no marathon aspirations. And I don't watch sports. I have never been to a football game.
6. My coffee mug says "happy" and then has a picture of a camper. It belongs to Joel. 
7. I have developed a lot of allergies. Animals, dust, pollen. A few years ago my eyes swelled nearly shut after I held a fawn. I hate medication, so I take nothing for my allergies. 
8. I find that it is hard to live simply in our society, which bums me out. 
9. Related to number 8, I am considering buying a portable dvd player for our long car rides. Which makes me feel like a hypocrite. It's laughable, I know, because most families bought those 5 years ago. We're not into spending on electronic stuff - but two other items on my wish list would be an ipod and a wii. We played one for the first time a couple weeks ago, and even though I'm kind of anti-video game stuff, I have to admit that it was fantastic! 
10. I would love to make  a crazy quilt. And if you're smiling to yourself, thinking, "that's because she's crazy," let me tell you, I was thinking the same thing, except in first person, not third, because that really would be crazy. 


melissa said...

Katie, that owl is the CUTEST! I am so into owls right now and he looks like he'd be easy to recreate. I've been enjoying your blog updates and missing your e-mails :( Hope all is well. Lots of hugs, Melissa