Thursday, October 2, 2008

A List

I'm a list person. I have way too many and can never seem to finish any of the ones with "to do" written across the top, but I love making them and changing them and working on them. . . it drives Joel, a very non list person, a little batty. 

I love:

Autumn. The leaves crunching as I push the stroller down the sidewalk. Stopping to pick up the most beautiful leaves. Brewing tea to warm up a bit. Raking. Piling. Jumping. Raking.

Strong Coffee. Black. 

Dark chocolate, but I have to be in the mood. And I only like a little at a time.

Homemade/handmade things. Food. Clothing. Toys. Etsy.

Making things for my family. This year I want to make presents for everyone. And I've been baking all of our bread. And making yogurt. It's very satisfying to me. I'd like to do more.

Books. Bookstores. Libraries. I never have time, it seems, to read much alone anymore. But thankfully I LOVE children's books, so I can read with my kids.

Snuggling in bed. I like sleeping with my kids. In fact, I can't imagine putting them in their own bedrooms. 

Simple things. Little things can make me very happy. A barrette, a pretty piece of paper, a picture, things like that. 

Feeling like I made someone's day better. 

Kissing baby hair.