Friday, October 3, 2008

This Day

Back to blogging again. Typing as quickly as I can without a left middle finger, because I seriously sliced it open with a bread knife today.  Which leaves Joel in the kitchen doing dishes by himself while I type. 

Tonight we're engaging in a little movie time. I promised Caedmon a viewing of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, because we have been listening to an audio recording, and reading a chapter every night. I thought it might be too intense, but he enjoyed it. I recently read a recipe for Turkish Delight, which I wanted to make tonight, but we're still working on my gigantic chocolate birthday cake, and since sugar coma and cavities aren't on our wish list, I'll put the TD off for a bit. 

We also might watch a second movie tonight - Ansel & I checked out a few from the library today - since my recently appendix free sister Bekah, is staying on our couch recovering. So, we might as well make the best of it and totally bomb our brains with screen time. 

Perhaps soon I'll be back to the fun activity type postings - an art playgroup for Ansel and friends is in the works, which will give me some material. Also, my camera is down. Bekah is being kind and letting me borrow hers, but I can't believe how annoying it is to be sans camera. Crippling actually (ok that might be exaggeratory, but ya know. . .) Hence the dvd pic via Amazon. Lousy, I know. 

Also, Ansel and I went to a book sale today and scored some books at 25 cents a piece. I can't resist books at that price. We also went to Ansel's first swim lesson for the season. And he loved it! I have to say that spending alone time with him has been a blessing. But I still am not thrilled with Caedmon being at school so much. But before I go into a ten page rant about that I will quit. Officially. Right now. Good bye.