Wednesday, November 5, 2008

As an American, as a Christian, as a Mom, I have a heavy heart this morning. As I see the crowds rejoicing, I am deeply affected. The choice that people have made, a choice of evil over good, will effect "change" - unfortunately.  I truly believe that we had an opportunity to choose a patriot, a man who loved country over self; a woman with conviction and a love of life and family. John McCain's concession speech speaks for itself about what kind of man he is. 

But now I have a choice. Will I put my "hope" in a man, as so many are, or will I put it in the Lord, maker of heaven and earth. Will I trust that what the devil has meant for evil, God means for good? Will I pray fervently that our nation will see revival and turn from its wicked ways? The answer, on all counts, is yes. 

So today will not be a day of gloom and doom. I choose to look ahead and to pray for God's providence and protection. Much like our forefathers did over 200 years ago. 

I'm not usually such as serious blogger, but some things are not to be taken lightly. I hope those around me will keep the faith. God bless America. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Knights

Peter and Edmund hailing from Narnia. AKA Caedmon and Ansel. Their costumes are a combination of long johns and slippers, purchased helmets, shields and a sword made by Joel (Caedmon already had a sword from last Christmas, so he copied it), finished with leather and a lion crest by me (which you can't see here - sorry. I downloaded the lion from a Narnia website and then reverse stenciled it). The tunics I cut from red velvet salvaged from a thrift store. All in all, I'd say they look pretty darn cute. And they had a blast at the harvest party we went to. Plus, they are sleeping in the long johns right now. And they can wear the costumes over and over - although at the moment the swords have been confiscated - we're not really trying to kill each other, after all. They'll get them back in a few days and hopefully engage in kinder, gentler sword play. Ha ha ha.