Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs

These might be my favorite eggs, ever! I'm a sucker for all things "natural" and dyeing eggs this way was such a pleasure:

1. chopped up purple cabbage and boiled it in a pot of water. let cool. strained.
2. kids drew on the boiled eggs with soy wax crayon rocks. (poor Caedmon wasn't feeling well, so he let his brother do most of them.)
3. added white vinegar to the dye bath and soaked the eggs in it for about 1/2 hour until they were a lovely shade of blue (we had brown eggs; if you use white I think they will be more purple than blue).
4. repeated process with yellow onion skins to make the dye. this dye basically gave a deeper orangish hue to our eggs, which I love.
5. we also have some quail eggs in our mix. aren't they beautiful? you can buy them at the grocery store here!

I hope these little boys are up to an egg hunt later! Unfortunately, they are both running fevers now and would like nothing more than to stay on the couch and watch Winnie the Pooh!