Monday, August 2, 2010

Flowery Writing

The first time I saw this idea was in an elementary school office. Perhaps they were attempting to make the office more friendly? Then my niece made a pile of these to sell at a school fundraiser and she gave me one, which I treasured. What am I talking about? The lovely, colorful, beautiful, uber cool, spectacular, pencil with a fake flower taped to it. What kid, particularly girls, wouldn't feel more interested in writing with these babies in hand? Since I don't have any girls, my boys get to use them. And guess what? They don't mind at all.

To create your own pencil bouquet you will need:

new pencils (you can use ink pens too)
faux flowers
floral tape (I couldn't find any here in Poland, so I substituted electrical tape)

Now the tricky part (just kidding) - cut part of the stems off the flowers and then tape them to the pencils.

Now sharpen those babies up and get writing! Flowery writing peppered with adjectives is optional. We have a bunch in a jar on our table, which is rather convenient and pleasantly decorative at the same time.